How Long Can I Rent a Dumpster? Insights from a Dumpster Rental Company in Downers Grove, Illinois

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If you are renting a dumpster for the first time, you might be wondering how long the standard dumpster rental period is? You don’t want to be rushed into filling up the dumpster, but you also don’t want to have a large dumpster sitting on your property for any longer than necessary. With that said, it’s important to have a plan in place before you rent a dumpster.

Below, this dumpster rental company in Downers Grove, Illinois is going to review some of the most frequently asked questions about the timeline involved with a dumpster rental.

What is the Standard Dumpster Rental Period?

Some dumpster rental companies in Downers Grove offer standard three-day rentals, while some offer longer, 14-day rentals. Some companies even offer flexible rental periods, ranging from a day to a month (or more).

The most common dumpster rental period is seven days; however, this varies from one dumpster rental company in Downers Grove, Illinois to the next, so it’s important that you clarify beforehand.

How Long Do You Really Need a Dumpster Rental For?

First, you’ll want to estimate the duration of your cleanup project as accurately as possible. Cleanup projects can often run longer than expected, so err on the side of caution and add extra time to your projected timeline. Breaking down the project timeline into days or even hours is a great way to work out how long the project will last.

If you have a dumpster on-site from the beginning of the cleanup project to handle the waste, you will most likely want a longer rental period. If you do not need a dumpster as soon as you start the project or for the project’s duration, you can simply schedule a drop-off date when you need it.

If you only need a dumpster for one day, we recommend looking for a Downers Grove dumpster rental company that offers a single- or two-day rental period. If you need a dumpster for a few days or a month, many reliable rental companies will do their best to accommodate your needs.

How to Avoid Overage Charges?

When contacting dumpster rental companies in Downers Grove, Illinois for estimates, be sure to inquire about the rental periods they offer.

Many dumpster rental companies in Downers Grove try to be flexible with their rental terms — however, keeping the dumpster longer than what is included in the original price can result in $10-$20 overage charges every day. For example, if a site cleanup takes ten days longer than you expected, the base rate of the dumpster rental could go up by $200 ($20 daily overage charge x 10 days). In some situations, this could result in the overall cost of the rental doubling.

If waste management is part of a long-term project, it is wise to negotiate the total rental period upfront. A good dumpster rental company is more likely to offer a great price if you can negotiate a longer rental period ahead of time.

Looking for the Top-Rated Dumpster Rental Company in Downers Grove, Illinois?

If you are looking for a dumpster rental in Downers Grove, Illinois, Economy Disposal is the top choice. We offer a wide variety of dumpsters that are available for rent, and we offer some of the most competitive prices around. If you aren’t sure what dumpster size you need, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team — we can help you determine the right dumpster size for your project.

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