HOA Rules About Dumpster Rentals You Should Know: Insights from a Dumpster Rental Company in Bridgeview, Illinois

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Homeowners Associations (HOAs) sometimes have a laundry list of rules and regulations in place regarding waste disposal services, such as dumpster rentals. This does not exclude you from renting a roll-off dumpster within your HOA neighborhood in Bridgeview — however, there are a few guidelines you should follow.

These guidelines may differ slightly depending on your specific HOA, so it’s always best to check before scheduling your rental. With that said, this dumpster rental company in Bridgeview, Illinois is going to review all the basics and provide some pointers for renting a roll-off dumpster while remaining compliant with your HOA.

Common HOA Rules Regarding Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals in Bridgeview, Illinois

  • The dumpster must be parked certain feet away from the roadway and must not be visible to the public.
  • The dumpster can only be parked on-site for a certain number of days (e.g., seven days).
  • Certain dumpster types or sizes, such as large 40-yard dumpsters, may be prohibited.
  • The area around the dumpster rental (and the worksite in general) should be kept clean.

HOA bylaws often regulate dumpster rentals to keep “eye sores” to a minimum. Therefore, to avoid any complications down the line, follow HOA requirements by renting a clean, well-maintained roll-off dumpster for no longer than the permitted time and parking the dumpster appropriately on your property.

Requirements for a Standard Dumpster Permit

HOAs have no say over whether a dumpster permit is necessary. Instead, the standards for dumpster permits are regulated by the city in which you live. While permit requirements vary by location, the following are some general guidelines:

  • If you want to park the roll-off dumpster in the public right of way (e.g., city street), you must apply for a permit. Please keep in mind that your HOA may not allow this.
  • If the dumpster is parked on your driveway, a permit is not required.

Step-by-Step Guide to HOA Dumpster Rental

Step 1: Contact your HOA and go over the rules regarding dumpster rentals. This will ensure that you get the correct dumpster size, that it is parked in the right spot, and that it is only there for the time frame stipulated by the HOA.

Step 2: Reach out to a few local dumpster rental companies to get free quotes. Choose the company that works with your project budget and schedule.

Step 3: Prep your driveway for the dumpster parking. This may involve moving your car out of the way and facilitating dumpster access to the site.

Step 4: While loading your trash into the dumpster, make sure you keep the area around the dumpster nice and clean as per HOA regulations.

Step 5: When you are done, contact the dumpster rental company to arrange for pick-up. Make sure you follow your HOA’s regulations regarding the number of days the dumpster can be on your property.

Because no two HOAs are the same, do your homework on your own HOA’s dumpster rental rules and regulations. A professional dumpster rental company in Bridgeview, Illinois can also help, as they will be familiar with HOA requirements in your area.

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