Can a Dumpster Rental Save You More Money Than a Bagster? Insights from a Dumpster Rental Company in Burbank, Illinois

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Kitchen and bathroom remodels, garage cleanouts, fall cleanups, and other small home improvement or maintenance tasks often generate a lot of waste that needs to be disposed of. Renting a compact dumpster is an efficient way to remove trash from your Burbank property — but should you go with a “bagster” style dumpster, or a roll-off dumpster rental?

When deciding between these two options, be sure to consider these two crucial factors: a) the amount of waste you want to get rid of and b) your budget. This dumpster rental company in Burbank, Illinois is going to explain more below.

Average Costs

A Bagster 3 Cubic Yard Dumpster in a Bag (or similar type of bag dumpster) can hold up to 3,300 pounds (1.65 ton) of waste material. If your project falls under these weight limits and you are considering going down this road, you should be aware of the costs involved compared to renting a standard roll-off dumpster.

At about $30 online, the upfront cost of a Bagster is relatively low. This looks like a great value offering — at least until you consider the pickup charges. The pickup charges are typically around $160, but they can reach $200 in some parts of the country, bringing the total cost of a Bagster to anywhere between $190 and $230.

On the other hand, the national average for a 10-yard roll-off dumpster rental is $300. In some parts of the country, a 10-yard roll-off dumpster costs around $199, whereas in other expensive markets, it can reach $400 or more. Keep in mind that this pricing normally includes a 7-day rental term and a weight limit of 4,000 pounds (2 tons). Compared to a Bagster, you get a little more than 20% higher loading capacity by volume.

Costs Compared

When we look at cost-per-yard, 10-yard roll-off dumpsters come out on top. On average, a 10-yard dumpster from a reputable dumpster rental company in Burbank, Illinois costs $300 for ten cubic yards, which works out to $30 per cubic yard. Bagsters, on the other hand, cost around $200 on average for three cubic yards, which equals $67 per cubic yard — a price increase of more than 120%.

Bagster companies typically require 3-4 days lead time for schedules. You may have an unsightly bagster loaded with trash for up to a week.  Your local Burbank dumpster rental company just needs 24-hour notice lead time.

Final Thoughts

Bagsters can be an excellent option for modest residential cleanup or cleanout projects, but it is important to plan carefully to ensure the bag can handle the amount of waste generated on-site. Again, if the expected waste volume exceeds three cubic yards, a 10-yard roll-off dumpster is the more cost-effective option.

Aside from waste volume and cost, you should also consider convenience when choosing between a Bagster and a 10-yard roll-off dumpster. A roll-off dumpster is a more convenient option since it is delivered to your project site, whereas the Bagster must be bought from a home improvement store and hauled to the site. At the end of the day, working with a reputable Burbank, Illinois dumpster rental company can make your project a lot simpler.

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