What is the Smallest Dumpster Size You Can Rent? Insights from a Dumpster Rental Company in Lockport, Illinois

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Many remodeling, cleanout, and cleanup projects do not require a large 20- or 30-yard dumpster. As such, many dumpster rental companies offer smaller sized dumpsters that are designed for residential purposes. When renting a compact dumpster to remove waste from your property, you will find that you have two options: roll-off dumpsters and dumpster bags. Which one should you go with? This dumpster rental company in Lockport, Illinois is going to review these options below.

Roll-Off Dumpsters

10-yard roll-off dumpsters are reasonably priced, and they’re usually the smallest size offered by dumpster rental companies in Lockport, Illinois. A 10-yard dumpster is a straightforward solution for a wide range of projects, including a kitchen or bathroom remodel, basement or garage cleanout, yard debris removal, and roof debris removal. 

Bag Dumpsters

Unlike a traditional dumpster, dumpster bags are more like large, heavy-duty garbage bags than actual dumpsters. The most popular option is the bagster dumpster, which has a loading capacity of two to five cubic yards. These small “soft” dumpsters are made of a tarp-like material that can handle 3,000 pounds or more of waste. However, due to their small size, they are not suitable for disposing heavy items such as furniture or appliances.

Bag dumpsters may appear to be a practical solution, but they are not always the best solution. One thing to note here is that most bagster companies typically require a three- to four-day lead time for their schedule. What this means is that you might end with an unsightly bagster on your property that’s loaded with trash for up to a week. Conversely, a reputable roll off dumpster rental company in Lockport, Illinois will only require about a 24-hour notice to drop off and pick up your dumpster.

Higher Price

When you research the costs associated with bag dumpsters, you will find that they end up costing more than renting a standard 10-yard roll-off dumpster in Lockport, Illinois.

The cost may vary by city — however, it is generally divided into two parts:

  • Cost of the bag dumpster: Dumpster bags start at about $30 online, although this can vary depending on location and availability.
  • Cost of having it picked up and hauled away: Once the dumpster bag is full, you must contact your local waste hauler to have it picked up. The pickup charges are typically around $160, but they can reach $200 in some parts of the country.

If you fill the bag dumpster too high or exceed the weight limit (usually 3,300 pounds or 1.65 tons), you may have to remove some waste or pay an additional fee. Total costs for a three cubic yard bag dumpster can exceed $200 — and that is on the lower end of the scale.

The national average for a 10-yard roll-off dumpster rental is $300 for a 7-day rental term and a weight limit of 4,000 pounds (2 tons) — that’s a little more than 20% higher loading capacity by volume.


At first, a “dumpster” that you can buy online may seem to be a convenient option, but that’s not always the case. You’ll have to order it, wait for it to be delivered, and call to have it picked up and hauled away. Plus, if you order one that doesn’t have enough loading capacity to complete the job, you’ll have to put your project on pause for days until the other bag arrives.

On the other hand, renting a roll-off dumpster takes only a phone call. You call your local Lockport dumpster rental company and book your dumpster rental. They will then deliver it to your location and place it in the area that’s most convenient for loading.

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