How to Prepare for a Dumpster Drop Off: Insights from a Dumpster Rental Contractor in Romeoville, Illinois

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When renting a dumpster, preparing a spot for the dumpster drop-off is strongly recommended. Preparing ahead of time will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed when the dumpster is delivered to your Romeoville home.

Do you have a couple of spots in mind, but aren’t sure which option is best? In these situations, you can always consult with your dumpster rental contractor in Romeoville, Illinois to determine which location is best for the dumpster delivery. Some spots that are not suitable for dumpster placement include steep slopes where the dumpster may shift or move, as well as soft and sandy ground where the truck could get stuck.

When planning for your dumpster drop-off, there are a few key factors to consider. This Romeoville dumpster rental contractor is going to discuss everything you’ll need to know below.

Where to place your dumpster rental

A level, firm surface is generally the most suitable spot for dumpster placement. Concrete driveways and parking lots, asphalt pavements, compacted soil, and even the street are all ideal surfaces for this use. If you cannot find optimal dumpster placement conditions, you should discuss the situation with our staff before the drop-off date. You can also place the dumpster on a softer surface, provided the necessary preparations are made before the drop-off date. When using a softer ground, you may want to consider putting plywood down to make up for the softness of the ground.

Remove any obstructions from the path leading to the drop-off spot.

Clearing the path for the roll-off dumpster is perhaps the most important step you can take in preparing for its drop-off. All types of obstructions — including your children’s toys, your car, garbage cans, and any other objects — blocking the delivery path or drop-off zone must be removed. Remember that the dumpster will require some space to be able to move around, so you must ensure that this space is available along the drop-off site.

Keeping your property safe during dumpster delivery

Although your dumpster rental contractor in Romeoville, Illinois will do everything possible prevent damage to your property during a roll-off dumpster delivery, it is still vital that you clear away any obstacles to minimize the likelihood of any property damage. When driving over challenging terrain, the truck driver will have to make many maneuvers, which can become difficult for even the most experienced drivers.

Placing wooden boards under the points of contact between the dumpster and the ground is another way to minimize the likelihood of property damage. This is a crucial step to protect your driveway, parking lot, and the surrounding area. As we mentioned above, speaking with your local dumpster rental contractor in Romeoville, Illinois before your roll-off dumpster delivery is a good idea if you want to learn more about lowering the likelihood of property damage.

Putting boards or plywood under the dumpster can help limit the risk of damage to asphalt and concrete surfaces caused by the weight of the trash being placed inside. In this case, the board or plywood beneath the dumpster will be damaged rather than the ground beneath it.

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