Areas to Avoid Placing a Rental Dumpster: Insights from a Dumpster Rental Contractor in Lockport, Illinois

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If you are undertaking a construction or renovation project, you will most likely need a dumpster to remove all the trash that is produced. Finding a dumpster rental contractor in Lockport, Illinois is the easy part — the more difficult part is preparing for your dumpster rental drop-off. When preparing for your dumpster rental, one of the most important steps is to determine where you will place the dumpster when the truck arrives to your location. 

When deciding where to place the dumpster, you should look for a spot that is central to your project and provides easy access to get rid of the trash without being in the way. The disposal process will take more time and effort if you place the dumpster further away than it should be, making your dumpster rental less effective.

To help you avoid any inconveniences, this dumpster rental contractor in Lockport, Illinois is going to highlight some areas where you’ll want to avoid placing your dumpster.

Where should you not place your dumpster rental?

The conditions of your surrounding area will largely influence the placement of your dumpster. Below, we will discuss a few areas where you should not place your dumpster rental.

  • Sloped surfaces: An empty dumpster may be able to rest on a sloped surface without issue. However, as more trash gets loaded onto the dumpster, the likelihood of the dumpster sliding or slipping down a sloped surface increases. Your dumpster can especially go sliding down a sloped driveway if it is wet.
  • Someone else’s property: Your property is the only place where your dumpster rental contractor in Lockport, Illinois should unload your dumpster. If you place a dumpster on your neighbor’s property without their permission, you run the risk of causing damage to their lawn or other structures on their property. Even if you have been granted permission to use someone else’s property, it is best not to do so in case you find yourself in a precarious or dangerous situation.
  • City property or streets: There are many regulations governing the placement of dumpsters, and they vary depending on where you live. Before you have a dumpster delivered to your street, you should make sure you are familiar with the regulations that apply in your city. Generally, you will be required to acquire a permit to have a dumpster on public property, and in many areas, you are only allowed to keep the dumpster on the street for a maximum of twenty-four hours. In this case, it is best to err on the side of caution — your dumpster rental contractor in Lockport, Illinois will always advise you to check with the city first. You can avoid paying heavy fines down the line by paying a nominal fee for a permit and familiarizing yourself with the city laws.
  • Soft ground: The weight of a filled dumpster could cause damage or a cave-in, which could cause significant damage to irrigation, sprinkler, plumbing, and septic systems, as well as other systems, leading to an issue that is both expensive and unpleasant. Before deciding where to place your dumpster, you should first determine what is below it and steer clear of areas where it could potentially cause damage to underground structures.

Looking for a Professional Dumpster Rental Contractor in Lockport, Illinois?

By placing your rental dumpster in a safe and convenient location on your property, your crew will be able to get rid of waste without any issues. Are you interested in renting a dumpster? Looking for a professional dumpster rental contractor in Lockport, Illinois? If so, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at Economy Disposal.

Contact us today at (800) 263-6060 or send us an online form through our website to request a free quote.

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