How to Make the Most of Your Dumpster Rental for Home Cleanouts: Tips from a Dumpster Rental Company in Westmont, Illinois

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If you are planning a home cleanout project, renting a dumpster from a local dumpster rental company can make your efforts significantly easier. In many cases, when homeowners start cleaning out their home, they are surprised by how much old junk they find. Old furniture, clothes, broken appliances, stacks of outdated magazines, and other unwanted items can make a big pile. Thankfully, you can rent a dumpster to help with your cleanout efforts. They will help you get rid of all the clutter at once and save the time and hassle of making multiple trips to the landfill.

Below, this dumpster rental company in Westmont, Illinois is going to share some tips on how to use a dumpster effectively for your next home cleanout project.

Choose the right dumpster size.

Choosing the right size of the dumpster is necessary for your cleanout efficiency.

For smaller projects, like when you only need to clean out a garage or a single room, a 20-yard dumpster will be enough. This dumpster size can hold between 6 to 8 tons of mixed waste material, which is the same as what seven pickup truck loads can carry.

But if you need to clean out a much larger area, like your entire house, you may need a 30-yard dumpster. This larger size can hold up to 10 tons of mixed waste material. With a 30-yard dumpster, you won’t run out of space quickly, and renting a second dumpster won’t be necessary.

A professional dumpster rental company in Westmont, Illinois offers different dumpster sizes, which means you should have no trouble finding a dumpster that fits your needs without overpaying for space you don’t use. 

Plan your dumpster delivery and pickup.

For your dumpster rental experience to be as convenient as possible, plan the delivery and pickup of the dumpster around your project schedule. Most good dumpster rental companies in Westmont, Illinois are flexible with their scheduling, so you can arrange for the dumpster to be delivered when you need it and picked up when you are done. 

Discuss your project timeline with the dumpster rental company. They will work with you to find the best times for delivery and pickup. 

Understand the costs to avoid surprises.

When renting a dumpster, you should know how much it will cost. It’s best to choose a dumpster rental company in Westmont, Illinois that offers transparent pricing. The price they quote should include everything from the cost of delivering the dumpster to your location and picking it up to the disposal of the waste, up to a set limit.

This transparent pricing helps you understand all the expenses and transactions behind the scenes of the project and prevents any unexpected charges later. Always ask about any potential extra fees, like an overage charge if you go over the weight limit or a charge for extending the rental period. Knowing these costs will help you budget your project more effectively and avoid surprises in your final bill. 

How to use your dumpster rental effectively?

To maximize your dumpster’s space, break down larger items like furniture or large boxes before throwing them in. This will help you fit more into your dumpster because smaller pieces take up less space.

Also, when putting things in your dumpster, spread them evenly. Put some things at one end and some at the other. This keeps the dumpster balanced and makes it safer and easier for the dumpster rental company to handle during pickup.

You should also be mindful of what you throw into the dumpster since certain materials may not be allowed in your dumpster rental. Your dumpster rental company will give you a list of things that you can and cannot throw in the dumpster. Stick to this list to avoid problems and extra charges.

Looking for a Dumpster Rental Company in Westmont, Illinois?

Are you ready to make your home feel more spacious and organized with a cleanout project? If so, and if you are looking for a dumpster rental company in Westmont, Illinois that can help you with the process, Economy Disposal Service is just a call away. Contact us today at (800) 263-6060 to request a free estimate.

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