How to Get Rid of Extra Waste That Didn’t Fit in Your Dumpster Rental? Insights from a Dumpster Rental Company in Lockport, Illinois

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When renting a dumpster, it’s typically best to choose the larger option. However, even with this general rule in mind, there may be times when the dumpster you rented is too small to accommodate all your waste.

Choosing a dumpster that is not big enough can be a major inconvenience. Have you found yourself in this situation? If so, you’ve come to the right place — this dumpster rental company in Lockport, Illinois is going to review your options for getting rid of your leftover waste.

1. Do-It-Yourself Hauling

If you have a trailer or truck, you can take the leftover waste to one of the dump sites in Lockport yourself. DIY hauling allows you to dispose of the waste on your own schedule rather than waiting for a junk removal service to show up. This disposal option does involve a great deal of time and effort, but it can be cost-effective.

DIY hauling is best suited for small amounts of waste as multiple trips to the nearest dump site can take up a significant amount of time, extra fees, and more hard work.

2. Hire a Junk Removal Service

Hiring a junk removal service is a convenient and quick option to get rid of any leftover waste that did not fit in your dumpster rental.

When you hire a junk hauler, they will come to your home or construction site, pick up the excess waste, and drive it to the nearest dump site or recycling facility.

However, keep in mind that hiring a junk removal service provider to dispose of larger loads can be rather expensive.

3. Curbside Pickup

Your local residential trash and garbage service in Lockport, Illinois may offer a “special waste” or “bulky item pickup” option for certain types of waste. You may want to call them to schedule a curbside pickup.

However, this type of pickup comes with a fee, and is usually available for smaller loads (3 yards or less). It is also likely that same-day service will be unavailable.

4. Donate for Reuse

For gently used items, donating is a good choice. This obviously would not work for general waste, broken goods, or most types of construction/demolition waste.

Donating or giving away your stuff for free is an excellent option for (largely) undamaged furniture, plastic toys, decorative items, and more.

5. Share a Dumpster with Your Neighbor

This option is not always available, but it is worth a shot if one of your neighbors is in the middle of or about to start a small remodel or clean-out project.

Sharing a dumpster can reduce your dumpster rental expenses by half (or perhaps more.)

6. Rent Another Dumpster

If you have more than 5 yards of leftover waste, renting another dumpster is by far the most convenient and convenient solution — although it might not be the most cost-effective. A dumpster rental company in Lockport, Illinois can deliver the new dumpster to your home or construction site and haul away the full one.

Estimating the waste load is not an easy task. A second dumpster rental makes sense in situations where you have drastically underestimated it.

Looking for a Dumpster Rental Company in Lockport, Illinois?

Determining the right size dumpster can be difficult, and there are often unforeseen events that can add to the amount of waste you need to get rid of. It’s important that you partner with a dumpster rental company in Lockport, Illinois that has the flexibility to accommodate your unique needs — like Economy Disposal. Contact us today at (708) 924-9750 to request a free quote on your dumpster rental needs.

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