Should You Rent a Dumpster When Replacing Your Gutters? Insights from a Barrington Dumpster Rental Company

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If you’ve started to notice puddles of standing water around your Barrington home after a rainstorm, it may be time to replace your gutter system. Depending on how well you look after your gutters and the material they are built from, you should consider replacing them every 20 to 50 years. In addition to pooling water, leaks, rust stains, damaged paint, sagginess, and clogs indicate that gutter replacement is necessary.

When it comes to gutter removal and replacement, one factor that many Barrington homeowners often turn a blind eye to is the waste it leaves behind. Gutter replacement and installation generate a substantial amount of waste — and you must have a plan in place for dealing with it. Calling a dumpster rental company in Barrington, Illinois, and renting a roll-off dumpster is one of the most effective ways to keep your property clean after gutter replacement. A 10-yard dumpster should be good enough for most residential gutter replacement jobs. However, if your property is larger or you are working on a commercial building, you will want at least a 20-yard dumpster.

Getting Started with Gutter Replacement

The first step in gutter replacement should be gathering the necessary tools and supplies for removing the old gutters from your Barrington home. You will need:

  • Wrecking and pry bar
  • Claw hammer
  • Electric screwdriver or power drill
  • Tool belt
  • Caulking material
  • Heavy-duty tarp
  • Work gloves
  • Step ladder
  • Hard hat

Once you have gathered all your necessary tools and supplies, start from underneath the gutters, and unscrew the hefty downspouts and downpipes from the gutter system while wearing work gloves — you will need the pry bar to get them out properly. Make sure your step ladder is firmly in place, and then start removing the gutter from the hangers one piece at a time. Catch any falling bolts, nuts, screws, nails, and rivets with a heavy-duty tarp. Finally, use caulk to fill holes in the vinyl siding or wooden roof.

Dealing with the Old Gutter Debris

When taking down the old gutters and working around the perimeter of your home, you will be removing pieces of brackets, hangers, and fasteners — move the tarp with the ladder as you switch positions. You can use the tarp to collect all debris in one place before transferring it into a roll-off dumpster provided by your local Barrington dumpster rental company.

Once the old gutters have been successfully removed, you will need to contact a licensed local gutter contractor to have replacement gutters installed. To install the new gutter, you must first take measurements and use those to get estimates.

When installing the gutters by yourself, you’ll start by gathering the materials needed to hang the new gutters. The rest is straightforward: assemble the new gutters, then install them in pre-assembled sections. Also, make sure the slopes are right before adding flashing inside the gutter for increased protection. There will likely be some construction waste generated during the installation process, which can be thrown into the dumpster provide by your local Barrington dumpster rental company.

Looking for the Most Trusted Barrington Dumpster Company?

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