Dumpster Rental vs. Bagster: Which Is Better? Insights from a Dumpster Rental Company in Countryside, Illinois

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Dumpster Rentals and Bagster Rentals are popular choices with home and business owners in the Countryside, Illinois area. These waste containers can be used for a wide range of projects. Not sure which option is right for your needs? This dumpster rental company in Countryside, Illinois is going to help you decide below.

Dumpster Rental

If you have a large trash removal project, you might want to consider working with a dumpster rental company in Countryside, Illinois. Renting a dumpster allows for removing bigger items with ease. You choose the right dumpster size, place it in an accessible location, and schedule the pickup time and date. On the pickup date, the operator will take the dumpster for correct disposal. Roll-off dumpster rental services are worth the cost and are popular among Illinois businesses and homeowners.

Bagster Rental

Unlike a dumpster, the bagster is more suitable for smaller cleanouts. It is a durable, single-use, standard-size waste management bag that can hold a set weight. The bagster is usually a tarp-like material bag with a grip on top. Once it is full, a crane picks it up for correct disposal. Bagsters are a budgeted bin option among residents and business owners. However, many people feel these are cheap on paper but overpriced at the end of the day. You might end up investing more time, energy, and money than dumpster rentals.  

Container Size

Dumpsters occupy a good amount of space on your property, whereas bagsters are light and easy to move around when empty. 10 to 30 cubic yard dumpsters are most common in Illinois. In comparison, a bagster can accommodate up to three cubic yards.

Weight Limit

When you work with a dumpster rental company in Countryside, Illinois, the weight limit for your container will depend on its size. A 10-yard dumpster, for example, can hold around one ton, and a 30-yard dumpster can hold three tons. However, bagsters can only bear a little over a ton, 3,300 pounds to be precise.

Material Restrictions

Both options limit the materials you can put into them. Most dumpster rental company in Countryside, Illinois will allow you to throw away debris, yard waste, household junk, electronics, drained appliances, old furniture, and much more. However, bagster can only hold small pieces of furniture, yard waste, construction debris, and no oddly shaped items that can impact the bag’s form. Whatever you plan on disposing of in your rental dumpster or bagster, make sure you first discuss it with the waste management company.  


Any area on the property that is flat, hard, and accessible can be used to deposit the roll-off dumpster for the duration of your project. With bagsters, placing the bag near the curb is the best idea. You also need to have at least 18 feet of clearance overhead and five feet around so the crane can pick it up easily.

Pick-Up Schedule

When hiring the services of a dumpster rental company in Countryside, Illinois, you must schedule the date and time in advance. Some companies also allow adding extra days in case of delays for an additional fee. With bagsters, you can purchase the bag when needed and schedule the pickup once the bag is full.  

Rental Process

Getting a dumpster is relatively simple. Once you know the size you require, you can contact a reputable dumpster rental company in Countryside, Illinois, like Economy Disposal. Unsure about the size, price, and other details? Give us a call and our representatives will be happy to guide you.

Looking for the Top-Rated Dumpster Rental Company in Countryside, Illinois?

Is renting a dumpster the best option for your project? If so, and if you’re looking for the top-rated dumpster rental company in Countryside, Illinois, Economy Disposal is the company to call. Contact us today at (708) 924-9750 to request a free estimate.

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