The Dos and Don’ts of Filling Your Dumpster: Insights from a Dumpster Rental Company in Mount Prospect, Illinois

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When you rent a dumpster, it’s important to have a clear picture of what you can and can’t throw in it. By following all the parameters set by the rental company — and by keeping a few key things in mind — you can avoid extra fees and make sure the process goes smoothly. This dumpster rental company in Mount Prospect, Illinois is going to explain what you should and should not do when using a dumpster.

What can you throw in your dumpster?

When renting a dumpster, you should know what materials are accepted by the dumpster rental company in Mount Prospect, Illinois. Here are some things you can usually put in a dumpster:

  • Construction debris like concrete, wood, and bricks are typically accepted. This includes items from buildings like doors, windows, and plumbing fixtures.
  • Demolition materials like asphalt from roads and roofs, gypsum from drywall, and metals are also typically accepted.
  • Household items, including furniture, plastic, and glass, can also go in your dumpster.

If you are unsure about a particular item, it’s best to ask your dumpster rental company for clarification. They will gladly provide you a complete list of acceptable materials.

What can you not throw in your dumpster?

Knowing what you can’t throw in your dumpster is just as important. Here are some common items that most dumpster rental companies do not accept:

  • You cannot put in flammable items or anything that catches fire easily.
  • Yard waste is generally not accepted.
  • Toxic materials, like chemicals and hazardous waste, are also not accepted.
  • You also can’t throw in paints and motor oils, even if the cans are empty.
  • Tires and batteries are typically not accepted, as they need special disposal methods.

Avoiding these items helps you follow local rules and avoid extra fees. If you are unsure about an item, ask your dumpster rental company in Mount Prospect, Illinois. 

Choose the right dumpster size.

Choosing the right dumpster size for your project is very important. A dumpster that’s too small may not be enough for your waste management needs, and you might need to rent another one to make up for the lack of space. On the other hand, a dumpster that’s too big will have unnecessary extra space and cost a lot more.

Small 10-yard dumpsters are generally good for home cleanouts and kitchen or bathroom remodels, for example. For larger projects like roofing, demolitions, or major renovations, a 20- or 30-yard dumpster is usually better. In any case, it’s always best to discuss your project with your dumpster rental company in Mount Prospect, Illinois. They can help you choose the right size so that you don’t overfill or underfill it.

Get your site ready.

Before the dumpster is dropped off on your property, it’s important to prepare the site to avoid any problems during the delivery. For example, if you live in an area with a homeowner’s association, you should check with them to see if you can have a dumpster on your property, and if there are any stipulations on the time limit.

You should also make sure the area where the dumpster will be located is suitable. Avoid placing it on wet soil or fragile surfaces that could be damaged or easily broken. Proper preparation can save you time and money, making the dumpster rental process smoother overall.

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